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Firework displays are an excellent event that attracts many people and is likely to leave the attendees with amazement, nevertheless, fireworks and bonfires come at a risk and unexpected things can happen. Having the right insurance cover means that you are secure in the knowledge that everything is covered in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Our expert team of advisors will discuss the plan so that you have a very bespoke cover for your special event. Support is also given to ensure that appropriate risk assessments are carried out and completed correctly prior to the event so that are no issues should a claim be made.

Firework / bonfire event insurance meets the demands and needs of those who wish to insure their organisation of a fireworks display for public liability and employers’ liability or damage to event equipment.

You should read and check all insurance documents issued to you and ensure that you are aware of the cover, limits and other terms that apply to your specific circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Needham Insurance for Firework Display Insurance?

At Needham Insurance, we know what we’re doing. We know how hard it is to know everything as an organisation arranging such an event, therefore trust us to know what you need, even if you don’t. We also know that buying insurance can be, stressful. So, we make sure getting yours is quick and hassle-free.

Who needs Firework Display Insurance?

It’s desirable for anyone organising an event involving fireworks takes out the appropriate insurance policy. Our policies cater for everyone, ranging from schools and sport clubs to larger community and corporate organisations.

Fireworks insurance can be taken out for bonfire nights and any other event throughout the year that involves fireworks.

Do we need separate Bonfire Night Insurance?

All bonfire events come in different sizes and formats, so it is important that you explain your requirements for this event.

If you are taking out Fireworks Insurance then Bonfire Insurance is included in the policy.

What is covered by Firework Display Insurance?

  • The public liability insurance provides cover for your legal liability to pay damages, claimants’ costs and expenses which may arise as a result of the event.
  • The Employer’s Liability insurance covers you for legal liability to pay damages, claimants’ costs and expenses which arise as a result of anyone you employ at an event including whether paid or unpaid.
  • Provides cover for the loss of, or damage to equipment that you are responsible for during, and in association with your event. This can be items which you have hired in, or which you own; these are under our equipment cover.

What if my event has to be cancelled?

The policy can include cancellation cover, which in the event of adverse weather conditions, cover can be arranged to protect loss of income the event may suffer.

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