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Construction insurance is there to protect you against liabilities. With the UK being an economy that shrives on the Construction industry you need to ensure that you are correctly covered for the contracts that you are carrying out.

This is where using an Insurance Broker with a knowledge of the Construction Industry is vital.

Construction insurance covers for things such as:

1. Property damage, damage to your property or equipment
2. Income loss due to various factors like theft or vandalism.
3. Employee workplace related injuries
4. Liability claims, injuries or property damage caused by you to others outside of your company.

The law requires construction contractors to take out insurance to cover these needs and expands to including general contractors, Heavy contractors, specialised contractors and home improvement companies.

Please call one of our construction Insurance experts today on 02476 326213 to ensure you get the right cover that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which construction policy to choose?

Firstly our expert advisors will ensure that you get the right policy needed, but you may wish to consider the following:

What is the project?
How many workers/employees do you have?
What are the anticipated risks?
What do you want to protect yourself against?
What’s the size of your company?
Which type of work are you performing?

Can I do anything to potentially reduce my premium?

The best way to get the best possible rates is to use an independent insurance broker, like Needham Insurance. We are able to compare deals across the whole market for you and introduce you to the policy that meets your needs and circumstances.

What risks are covered by Construction insurance?

Most policies include the following:

Vandalism and malicious damage
Property damage
Weather damage

What is not covered by Construction Insurance?

Most insurance companies do not cover damage caused by negligence or by poorly executed building plans, faulty workmanship or faulty materials.

Exclusions include:

Flood/water damage
Terrorism or war
Employee theft
Mechanical breakdown
Coastal winds

If you feel that any of the above exclusions need to be insured, please discuss these requirements with our expert advisors and we can look at alternative options with you.

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