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What does Cyber Insurance do and why do I need it?

One in three companies have experienced a cyber incident in the past 12-months, according to Bridging the Cyber Risk Gap, the latest research from insurer Chubb. Therefore it is paramount to have Cyber insurance for your business so that you are prepared.

A significant majority of businesses realised they were less prepared than they had hoped. In many cases, that lack of preparation will not have been around companies’ digital defences, but upon their employees. Cyber insurance will cover you for any unfortunate attack on the business to ensure you return to 'business as usual' as quick as possible.

Why compare Cyber Insurance with Needham Commercial Insurance Services?

Needham Insurance Services can save you time and money on your Cyber insurance. We compare policies of all the main insurance companies to find you the right cover at the right price.

What cover does a Cyber Insurance Policy provide?

Detecting intruders as quickly as possible is key to limit the damage attackers can do. This includes both technology-led solutions, and offering incentives to staff to raise the alarm quickly if they see or do something unusual.

Companies need a 24-hour response system that allows rapid action, including notification of those affected after an attack, as well as cleansing the system of malware.
Often referred to as business continuity, resilience is about the long-term protection of revenue, and includes communication to clients about resumption of business, rapid restart planning, and pre-planning to find alternative routes to market in the event of a complete shutdown.
Your cover will ensure you are prepared to tackle any cyber attack, should it happen and, ensure you receive the support you need.

How much Cyber Insurance cover will I need?

The amount of Cyber Insurance you need varies from business to business and depends on the digial infrastructure your company has and the data that you use.

Cyber-crime and fraud prevention can seem complicated, but they needn’t be. Start by putting simple, everyday steps in place to ensure you and your customers are well protected. If you are uncertain about how to protect your business from cybercrime, contact us on 02476 354 569 or send your enquiry to

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