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Getting ‘Winter Ready’ - Needham Insurance Winter Car advice

Article, October 26, 2020
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The winter brings us many things that we either love or hate and invariably have very little control over. Nevertheless, being prepared on the road is one of those things we do have control over.

Cars in winter do not particularly like the cold weather, the snow fall and of course the winter rain. Having things checked out on your car and keeping a ‘winter ready’ kit in your car, can certainly help to get through these perilous months.

Top tips this Winter

  1. Get your car serviced, especially if it is due one. If it is due in the new year, consider having it done before the mist of winter is upon us.
  2. Check your battery, if you are not having your car serviced, ensuring the battery is topped up means that you will not be stranded during the cold months and of course ensuring that the car will start, especially on a cold morning or evening. This is only really necessary if your car is over 5 years old.
  3. Check your tyres – the roads are much more dangerous at this time of year so your stopping distances may increase considerably. Tyres that are close to being worn do not help you and increase your chance of having an accident.
  4. Wash your windscreen and clean the wipers. With increased use of your wipers during the winter months, having a clean windscreen will ensure that you have the necessary visability whatever the weather throws at you or your car.
  5. Keep your fuel tank at least quarter full just in case of any unexpected delays and check the oil in your car.
  6. Check you have adequate car insurance cover and breakdown cover so that you have the peace of mind in-case anything unfortunate should happen.
  7. Clean your lights, sounds simple enough but you need to be seen more often at this time of year. You’re driving significantly longer in the dark during the winter months, so be prepared.

‘Winter Ready’ kit

During the winter months you have an increased chance of breaking down. Having a kit in your car ready for this unexpected eventuality is paramount.

  1. Warm clothing – If you are going to breakdown, you are probably going to have to wait outside your car, therefore keeping warm until help arrives is essential.
  2. Ice scraper and de-icer – with the cold weather and wintery conditions, having clear visibility is not only a legal requirement but needed to ensure you continue to drive safely on the road.
  3. Pair of boots / wellies – Again if you breakdown or get stuck in the wintery weather, being able to wear appropriate footwear to sort out your car and not put yourself at risk of slipping over.
  4. Food and drink – Even with the best breakdown cover, it can sometimes be a while before someone can come to your aid. Having adequate supplies of food and drink ensures that you don’t go hungry.
  5. Sunglasses – the sun during these months is very much lower than it is during the summer months. A pair of sunglasses can help considerably combating the glare from the sun on the wintery weather.
  6. In car charger – your phone is a great way for you to contact help if needed. If your phone is short of charge or has lost its charge, having the ability to ensure that you are able to keep it charged becomes so important.
  7. Shovel - If you happen to get stuck or unable to get your car out after heavy snowfall, a shovel can very much be a life saver.
  8. High visibility jacket – If you have to exit your car for whatever the reason, being seen by other road users can be essential to keeping you safe.

Having the right breakdown cover for your vehicle can give you such peace of mind during these winter months. Why not speak to one of our expert advisors today!

If you have any questions or queries about the above call and speak to one of our experienced staff.
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