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Office Insurance

Needham Office insurance

Looking for the right Office Insurance Policy?

Whether its just you, a computer and a desk at home or if you run a large office based business from dedicated commercial office premises, Needham Insurance can help.

To get a range of quotes or for more information, contact us here. Alternatively you can give us a call on 02476 354569 to discuss your requirements further. Read to find out more.

Who needs office insurance?

If you run a business from an office, its important that you have the correct insurance cover in place. No matter whether you work alone from a desk at home or run a large business with dedicated office space, making sure you have the correct cover in place will protect you from a variety of risks including loss, theft or damage to office furniture, computer equipment and documents.

What cover is included in an Office Insurance Policy?

Levels and type of cover vary from policy to policy. That's why its a good idea to compare Office Insurance Policies carefully and make sure you understand the wording. Typically, an Office Insurance Policy will include:

1. Public Liability Insurance - protecting you from claims made by the public.
2. Electrical equipment - the modern office is run on expensive technology. Protecting it from damage and breakdown should be a major priority.

Why compare office insurance with Needham Insurance?

With almost 40 years experience providing businesses with insurance policies, Needham Commercial Insurance Brokers is a trusted business partner for thousands of businesses.

Get in touch here, or call one of our advisors on 02476 354569 to discuss your requirements.