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Breakdown cover ensures that you have the necessary cover in the event of your vehicle breaking down. The policy includes roadside assistance, where a trained mechanic will be on hand to support you in getting your vehicle back on the road. In the unfortunate occurrence where this is not possible, we will ensure that you get where you intend to go, or to a local garage to fix the problem.

Having the right cover means that you when these inconvenient occurrences happen, you have the right help on hand to get back on the road.

Our Breakdown cover is provided through Optimum Breakdown and offers all the cover you need and provides total peace of mind at considerably less cost than brand name suppliers.

Policy Benefits:
Available for cars, motorcycles, taxis, couriers and commercial vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes
Unlimited call outs
Extensions available to cover Europe
We cover vehicles up to 25 years old

Roadside Assistance and UK Nationwide Recovery & Assistance, £40 per annum.
Roadside Assistance, Home Start and Nationwide Recovery & Assistance, £60 per annum.
Roadside Assistance, Home Start and Nationwide Recovery & Assistance and European Cover, £75 per annum

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cover can I expect?

The level of cover varies dependent upon the kind of assistance that you need. There are 4 main areas of cover that can be included in your policy.

Roadside Assistance
This is where you receive assistance at the roadside where your vehicle broke down. This is where the mechanic will try to fix your vehicle by the side of the road. In the event that this is not possible, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage.

UK Nationwide Recovery & Assistance
Nationwide recovery means that if your vehicle is needed to be towed, your destination can be anywhere in the UK; giving you peace of mind that, if you breakdown many miles from home, you will be able to return home whatever the outcome.

Home Start
Home Start is an optional extra and if included, means that if your vehicle breaks down at home or within a quarter of a mile of your house, you are able to call for assistance. If it cannot be fixed we will arrange for the vehicle to be taken to a local garage to be repaired.

European Cover
Offers European cover for the trips to Europe up to a maximum of 90 days.

What happens if I breakdown

At the unfortunate time that you do breakdown, please contact your provider and give them the details of where you are and a brief description of the problem and they will send out a mechanic to the roadside. We recommend that you have all your policy details in your vehicle or saved on your phone, as you will also need this information.

Dependant on your level of cover and the problem with your vehicle, it will either be repaired at the roadside or towed to the nearest garage.

Is there a limit on the number of claims?

All the cover options include up to 6 call outs in any one period of insurance.
We will not pay more than £15,000 in any one period of insurance.

What if my vehicle cannot be repaired?

If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside or at a local garage the same day we will arrange one of the following:

  • For the vehicle, driver and up to 6 passengers to be taken to the policyholder’s destination or home.
  • Bed and breakfast accommodation for one night
  • Hire of another vehicle
  • An emergency driver is also available

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