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Check your policy carefully, as some insurers provide free continental cover for a limited period each year.   We always recommend you give us call if you plan on travelling and driving your vehicle abroad.  

Requirements have changed since we left the EU and we want you to drive full insured and safe.  You can always speak to us about Breakdown Insurance too for that extra peace of mind.   

Green Card – Under European law, it is no longer compulsory to have a Green Card when driving in Europe, which shows that your policy meets the minimum legal requirements of the countries in the scheme. However, a Green Card can still save time and problems if you need to provide evidence of your insurance. It is also advisable to have a Euro Accident Claim – we highly recommend you carry both with you.

Accidents — Should you be involved in an accident, you must tell your insurer or their representative in the country immediately. Many companies issue a European Accident Statement – this is printed in several languages, and allows drivers to exchange facts without admitting liability.

Breakdown — Even with an extended policy, you might not be covered if your car breaks down, but you can buy a vehicle breakdown policy either with your travel insurance or separately. This should cover you for the cost of a hire car while yours is being repaired, as well as roadside assistance, the cost of delivering spare parts and of returning your car home.

Theft Precautions — Don’t forget that your car may be targeted by car thieves, so always lock it, don’t leave valuables on show, keep your car documents with you and use an anti-theft device.

Please give our team a call if you require any further information.

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