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Needham Insurance is a specialist insurance broker for landlords and property management businesses.

Why compare Landlord Insurance?

Comparing the insurance market to check that you get the best value insurance policy is vitally important because rates can vary massively. It’s also important to consider the differences in the cover available and consider whether you need professional insurance advice before making your choice.

What cover does Landlord Insurance provide

There is a wide range of policies available to cover various elements. Typically, Landlord Insurance policy will insure against flooding, fires, storm damage and theft. Additionally, there may be liability cover for you as the property owner if something happened that caused injury or damage to a third party – for example a roof slate coming loose and falling onto a neighbouring property and causing damage.

Can I insure multiple properties on one policy?

Yes you can. One of the advantages of a Landlords Insurance Policy for residential property is that it creates less administration and means that you have just the one renewal date to remember!

Do I need specialist insurance for unoccupied property

If a property is unoccupied, you do need to declare that with your insurance provider. Whether you are selling the property or awaiting probate, or simply because the building is being renovated, you need to ensure that you have adequate insurance. Typically, a regular insurance cover will stipulate that the property should not be unoccupied for more than 30 days. If your property is going to be unoccupied for longer, you should get a specific policy for unoccupied property.

Why choose Needham Insurance for buy to let insurance cover?

Needham Insurance is a specialist in the property insurance sector. We have access to a variety of leading UK insurers and can provide you with the specific cover that you need – often saving you money over generic policies.

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