Managing your small fleet

Fleet insurance - how to get the best out of your fleet

How can a business control identified risks in their fleet?

Keeping control of your business motor fleet and driver risks can feel like herding cats, no matter what you do, there is always a rogue one!

Once you’ve identified the risks involved with your fleet of vehicles, they key is now to control those as best you can.  We have a few recommendations and easy implementations for your business.

Working hours policy

While this might exist for your office, extend this to driving hours, breaks and time of the day when driving should take place.

Working conditions

Interview drivers to figure out what practices need to change.  Afterall, they’re the one’s in the vehicles day in day out.

Route and workload planning

Encourage drivers to study whether there are more efficient ways to allocate assignments and routes.

Mobile phone policy

Enforce a mobile phone policy that complies with the law and stresses driver safety.

Safety equipment

Establish clear rules for using safety equipment such as seat belts, first aid kits and fire extinguishers

Vehicle controls

Adopt a ‘clean car’ policy which prohibits leaving any valuables in view and dictates that drivers can only park in secure places.

Responsibility for vehicles

Assign specific vehicles to drivers who are responsible for their condition.

‘How’s my driving?’ scheme

We’ve all seen them – the stickers on the back of vans encouraging members of the public to call with complaints or compliments, encouraging drivers to drive more carefully.

Speaking with an expert at Needham insurance will help you asses, manage and control your motor fleet risks, arriving at the perfect policy suited exactly to your business needs.

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