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Travel Insurance

The 10 medical conditions you must declare when buying travel insurance!

With summer fast approaching, millions of Brits are likely daydreaming of sunbathing on a beach abroad. They may want to buy a new swim suit for the occasion or perhaps could do with stocking up on suncream. And whilst getting a new summer wardrobe or splurging through the holiday aisles at Boots are often part of the fun, sorting out travel insurance isn't so enjoyable.....Read More!

Car Insurance

How driving gadgets are pushing up UK car insurance costs!

Claims for expensive, high-tech vehicles are hitting insurers’ profit margins and share prices. From satnavs to parking sensors, technology has become an integral part of UK driving. But insurers are warning that there is a downside to this gadgetry. And that downside is slowly eating away at their profit margins and share prices......Read More!

Ideal home

These 5 things could invalidate your home insurance – don’t get caught out!

We have home insurance to make sure we’re covered if anything goes wrong. But what if we were unaware of everyday things that could compromise our home insurance?....Read More!

GB brexit

What is a car insurance ‘green card’ and will you need one post-Brexit?
Once the UK leaves the EU, it’s likely motorists will need a car insurance 'green card' to drive in Europe – here’s how you can apply

Current EU car insurance rules make it easy for Brits to drive in Europe. While there are some countries that require you to carry proof of insurance cover with you, that can be your UK insurance certificate.....Read More!

Car Accident

Eight insurance myths debunked: what you need to know about your policy.
You may think you understand the insurance policy you signed and paid for, but some widely believed insurance ‘facts’ are little more than fallacies.
Which? surveyed 2,099 people to identify common misconceptions about insurance policies....Read More!

Car in winter

Your car insurance can be invalidated before you leave home due to these simple mistakes
DRIVERS could inadvertently invalidate their car insurance premium before leaving their home this morning by making a simple error.... Read More!

Car in accident

Driving laws 2019 - What rules are changing and how they could affect you
NEW driving laws are being introduced in 2019 which could affect how you use the roads and even cost you money. Here’s how the rules could affect you.
A number of new driving laws and road rules are introduced every year to improve safety or accommodate changes. 2019 is no different an there are a number of changes coming for motorists this year which could change how they use the roads and even cost them more....Read More!

Car in accident

Car insurance is getting cheaper - especially for young drivers.
Car insurance premiums are getting lower and young drivers are the biggest winners... Read More!

Diver in Car

Young Drivers' Insurance.
Tips, cashback, & more
The cost of car insurance for under-25s is eye-wateringly high and...Read More!

driverless car

Government to make “minimum legislative changes” for autonomous vehicle insurance
Compulsory motor vehicle insurance is to be extended to cover the use of driverless cars and the law will be updated...Read More!

Home insurance

This is another reason for going with an independant insurance provider.

Common reasons home insurance claims are rejected
Making a claim on home insurance is often a relatively straightforward process. However, for a number of reasons, it’s not uncommon for a claim to be rejected and the policy holder left empty handed... Read More!